Monday, September 12, 2005

Questions about my eBay listing, just Skype me...

Saw this in my alerts this morning...eBay to Acquire Skype

Wow, it doesn't seem like a fit, but when you actually look at what they are doing it is starting to make sense.

I can now pay for Skype calls with Paypal.

This will also potentially help with buyer/seller communication. I can see it now, "If you have any questions, Skype me..." will be in many sellers item listings. This will help increase transactions because you will feel more connected to the seller and vise versa.

I would bet this will also enable me to get eBay alerts wherever I am. Rather than getting tons of e-mails, I could just get alerts via Skype on items I am bidding on, selling or watching. I could also probably ask to get alerts on new item listings I would be interested in.

Looks like a good move for eBay!

Almost forgot, this is good for Skype as well. Access to all the eBay users will certainly increase the number of Skype users...