Thursday, October 13, 2005

Steve Jobs was not wearing jeans?

Apple announced a ton of new things yesterday, in fact it was front page of the Chicago papers this morning, beating out the "The White Sox win on a controversial call" story.

Let's review what Apple announced...

iMac (thinner with built in iSight), Front Row media experience, Photo booth software, iPod (video edition), iTunes 6, Quicktime 7.0.3, iTunes "Just For You" and exclusive video content of "Lost", "Desperate Housewives" and other ABC and Disney TV shows. I am sure I missed something, oh and Steve Jobs was not wearing jeans...

It is funny, Russ has a Told you so post and Adam has a I was wrong post. It could have gone either way.

Chuck Toporek has a great post on what he thinks the next "One More Thing..." event will have.

One more comment on the White Sox, you have to read this blog entry from Eric Zorn titled "Sox fans: Don't blow your Bartman moment". I knew that someone would bring Bartman into this thing.