Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The election is over...

Well, the election is over. I was such a wreak yesterday that I didn't even post some kind of WOOOHOOO IT'S ELECTION DAY post.

We lost. The Ela United full slate ticket won across the board. The good thing about that is the entire old board has been replaced. So, hopefully, some of the schnanigans of the past will stop.

I think back to the long cold days in December and January getting signatures to get our name on the ballot. I think back at how I couldn't feel my feet, fingers or face after being out in a 25 below windchill all day. I think about the people that I talked to about the issues over the last 6 months.

But the best part is, I walk away from this with some great new friends. That is something that there is truly no price for. That, in the end, was worth all the work.

Now, back to a somewhat normal least for a little while...