Friday, May 13, 2005

Windows XP "Eiger"?

Word on the street is that Microsoft is going to release a slimmer version of Windows XP that could run on older Windows 95 systems called "Eiger".It will work on Pentium-class computers with 64MB of RAM and a 500MB hard drive.

I have to tell you, being in the software business, this is a bad idea. We need to keep moving technology ahead. The last thing we need is old computers coming back from the graveyards. The advances in hardware have been so great recently that I couldn't imagine boot up an old Pentium computer and finding a good use for it. The hard drive speeds were slow the screen resolution was not as good. Well, I know it is not for me, it must be for somebody if Microsoft is spending the time and money on it. I still don't get it.