Monday, June 06, 2005

Apple Wows WWDC crowd

All weekend long, everyone was writing about Apple going Intel based and of course now we found out that "It's True". (I can't believe that Scoble is posting about this from London while at the Microsoft offices. This makes me think it could really have a big impact on the industry).

I can't believe how surprised everyone has been on this. I realize that understanding Steve Jobs is almost impossible but I would think everyone has been able to see a trend this year. (We even talked about it almost two months ago at the Geek Dinner in Minneapolis). Price point.

It seems like this year Apple has been working the price points of the market. The iPod Shuffle and the Mac Mini are two prime examples of this. Now, when you add in the fact that the PowerPC processor had many troubles breaking the 3GHz level, it all makes sense.

What is going to be curious is: 1) How the market reacts to the news 2) Will Mac sales fall to 0% until the Intel units ship? 3) How surprised is everyone about the "secret" Mac Intel lab and the fact that OS X for Intel already has existed for 5 years..

Well, there will be tons of more questions. I think this will be good for everyone in the end. It is good to keep everyone thinking about new ways to do things. Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that improve upon existing ideas.

To see the best recap of the WWDC keynote, check out My favorite part of the recap is the comment - He's demoing stuff; it's really fast, especially iPhoto (audible gasps from audience)

Update: Another great recap is at My favorite part of this recap is the comment - 10:58am PDT - Otellini is telling a timeline story that goes back to founding of Intel in 1968, founding of Apple in 1976. Photo of Jobs and Robert Noyce together. As Markoff said to me this morning, people love to see photos of execs with long hair. Otellini says he asked Jobs, “Is that the last time you wore a tie?” Steve’s answer: “No, it’s the last time I wore a moustache.” 1996: “They set fire to our bunny person!”

The video should be up soon on the Apple Quicktime website...