Friday, June 24, 2005

Microsoft jumps into RSS feet first

Wow, you need to check out the video on Channel 9's website at

This is really interesting news. Just like the news of the new Office file format.

It is interesting that I keep going back to when I talked to Robert Scoble, but I talked to him about this subject. I could see that RSS was going the way of a simple subscription similar to subscribing to an e-mail newsletter. The main difference, for the end-user, was complete control. We all know that it is nearly impossible to un-subscribe from a e-mail newsletter, but I can remove an RSS feed at any time.

You will see in the video that it seems Microsoft really is getting it. It needs to be easy enough for everyone to use.

We have to watch to see the specs on all of this. I will also be interested in what Dave Winer announces at Gnomedex (I imagine it will be a bit about OPML) and what he thinks specifically about the Microsoft announcement now that he can comment on it. Dave really created something special with RSS and it is good to see him get props.

I also like that they mentioned Adam Curry in the video. He will be another one to watch and see what he says now that the he can.