Tuesday, August 09, 2005

First Impressions: Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1

Well, I was really looking forward to getting the IE 7 Beta and I am glad I did. So far this has worked exactly like I was told, but I am surprised by how well the features work. I installed it on my work Win XP Pro SP2 system.

Tabbed Browsing - This works so well and I can't even compare it to Firefox. Out of the box after the install I tabbed several sites. This seemed so much quicker than I would have thought. Watching the tabs, they update on a regular interval if the site has updates (I used Gmail and MSNBC as examples in the image above). I also noticed that on the taskbar there is only one instance of IE and whatever tab I have open is what name displays on the taskbar. Working like it should.

Feeds - This works very similar to Safari (which is fine by me). If you browse to a page that has a RSS feed you can view the feed and then add it to your favorites. I have already started to update my favorite sites that have feeds. I am putting them in a Feeds folder in my favorites and so far I have had no issue with the feeds.

So overall my first impression in less than a half hour of use is that this is a great version and Microsoft should release ASAP. I read some reviews that said it was boring, come on. I will say there is nothing in this that jumps out and grabs you, but if you want to work more efficiently, IE 7 will definitely help with that.

I will keep working with it and let everyone know what else I find. I hear that printing has been improved, so I will try that next. Stay tuned...