Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Want a $50 Apple iBook? Bring some riot gear...

From the WTOP website: "Several people were injured at Richmond International Raceway Tuesday morning as thousands of people rushed to buy used laptops from the Henrico County school system. The county was offering 1,000 used "I-Books" for $50 each to Henrico residents. Sales were limited to one computer per person."

Video from WWBT TV: video footage

I wonder how many people were planning on selling these on eBay?

Apple iBook on eBay "This iBook was used in Henrico County Public Schools. This iBook has been refurbished and is ready for a new owner. Along with this iBook comes a complimentary charger. I have only turned the iBook on once to see if it worked, and it works 100% greatly!"

Wow, it works greatly and I get a complimentary charger? I have to bid on this...

UPDATE #2: Sold for $376