Thursday, September 29, 2005

Next stop for Google? How about Space!

Google announced today that they will collaborate with NASA on the 'entrepreneurial space industry'.

I can see the future headlines now...

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Sept 29, 2015 (CNN) - Google says that their latest office will open today on the Moon and plans to make this it's main headquarters.

SEA OF TRANQUILITY, Sept 29, 2025 (GNN) - The Sergey IV lands on Mars! First humans on Mars, visit for exclusive video and live chats with these brave new space explorers...

ARES VALLIS, Sept 29, 2045 (GNN) - Google announces a treaty with our new friends from Alpha Centauri and plans to provide them free yottabyte communication in exchange for a collaboration to make time travel possible...(Ok, that is too far fetched even for this post)