Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Google OS in the form of a Cube

From 9/20/2005 on this very Blog:Some people said this would never happen, much like they are saying that the Google OS will never happen....we have to wait and see...

Now the LA Times is reporting: Industry Feeling Presence of the 800-Pound Google

Cheap PCs, anyone?

Google will unveil its own low-price personal computer or other device that connects to the Internet.

Sources say Google has been in negotiations with Wal-Mart Stores Inc., among other retailers, to sell a Google PC. The machine would run an operating system created by Google, not Microsoft's Windows, which is one reason it would be so cheap — perhaps as little as a couple of hundred dollars.

Bear Stearns analysts speculated in a research report last month that consumers would soon see something called "Google Cubes" — a small hardware box that could allow users to move songs, videos and other digital files between their computers and TV sets.

Larry Page, Google's co-founder and president of products, will give a keynote address Friday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Analysts suspect that Page will use the opportunity either to show off a Google computing device or announce a partnership with a big retailer to sell such a machine.

I am not surprised, but it will be even more interesting to see what Apple already has planned for Macworld and how Microsoft will react to this news. I am glad I have stock in all three of them...