Friday, April 07, 2006

macZOT!, your Mac software friend

macZOT! came on the scene not too long ago to help Mac users get good deals on software.

MacZOT is for Mac users

What macZOT! does is similar to a volume discount. They make a deal with a software developer to sell say 500 copies at a lower price than it lists for and then they pass the savings on to you. It is like you getting 500 friends together to buy a cool new app at the same time except they do the negotiating for you.

Now if I was a Mac software developer, I would be begging macZOT! to make a deal to sell my software. Why? Well, exposure. I make a deal to sell a ton of software at a discounted price and in return I get promoted by macZOT! and then I get promoted in the discussions on the site. I will then also get tons of word of mouth and I might even get dugg or slashdotted. You can't put a price on that kind of exposure.

Another cool thing they do is something called a MyzteryZOT!. These have usually cost around $15 and you have no idea what you are going to get. I have bought each of these and here is a recap:

MyzteryZOT! #1: Saved 68.23%, Got: AppZapper, Dockstar, Bloglight, S.O.S. and Sudoku

MyzteryZOT! #2: Saved 72%, Got: iClip, Menuet and Widgets: Statosphere, FTP Drop, NotePad and VoiceNotes

I really have not felt like either of these were bad purchases. Sure the last one came with four Widgets, but I think they are cool.

They are currently selling MyzteryZOT! #3, so go and get in on the fun.

I also bought RapidWeaver through macZOT!. I saved 25%!

So, if you are a Mac user and want to get a good deal on some great software, check out macZOT! they won't disappoint...

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