Friday, July 21, 2006

A community based Podcast directory, join the cause!

Dave Winer, guru extraordinaire and original Podcaster, is proposing a community based Podcast directory.

This is a great idea. Now that other sites have gone to advertising based pages, it is more difficult to find new and existing Podcasts.

Sure Apple has a directory in iTunes, but what if you don't want to use iTunes? Should you be excluded from downloading cool and unusual Podcasts? NO. What if a Podcaster doesn't want to put their show on iTunes (or some of the other sites)? Should they have some way to reach new listeners? YES.

I encourage everyone to contact Dave and help support this effort! By making a 100% commercial free directory we keep the original roots of Podcasting going. It looks like he will be taking donations. I will do what I can. I hope I can share some of my bandwidth to help the cause.

Now I have been Podcasting for over a year now. Not one episode made me money (never asked for any), but that isn't why I do it. It is all about the experience and the communication with new and exciting people.

Thanks Dave for another great idea!

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