Thursday, March 13, 2008

Smashing Magazine

I recently came upon what is now my number one resource for new exciting trends in web design, Smashing Magazine.

From their About Us page: "Founded in September 2006, Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information for designers and web-developers. Our aim is to inform our readers about the latest trends and techniques in web-development - clearly, precisely and regularly. We don’t try to convince you with the quantity, but with the quality of the information we present. That’s what makes us different. In fact, we smash you with the information which will make your life easier. Really.

Why Smashing Magazine? Well, why not? We smash our readers with information which might be useful for them, even although they haven’t realized it yet.

Stop by Smashing Magazine or subscribe to their RSS feed, but be warned, you will be overloaded with good design ideas.