Sunday, July 24, 2005

Map Wars - Google vs. Microsoft

Who knew that the mapping of the world would be a line drawn in the sand in the on-going Google vs. Microsoft battle.

Google made avalaible a new Google Maps Beta with a Hybrid mode. This allows you to see Satellite Maps and have well defined roads. It is very cool, you should check it out. So...what happens next

Microsoft is supposed to have a big announcement on Monday about something, I am guessing Maps and all of a sudden this morning there are a flood of reports that MSN Virtual Earth is here and that Microsoft leaked the information early. Well, whatever as far as I am concerned. This is cool and it uses aerial photos so when you zoom there seems to be more clarity.

I would say check them both out, Microsoft is putting up a fight on Google, what is cool is that we all win on this because they are each working to make the products better and they are free to anyone who wants to use them.