Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Next on CBS, Rockstar: Van Halen?

Now there is no official Rockstar: Van Halen coming, but how cool would that be?

My wife and I really enjoyed the whole Rockstar: INXS show. We were rooting for Marty...I had to root for someone from Chicago, especially since he grew up within miles of me as a kid. I even got to play a song from his band The Lovehammers on my Podcast. Alas, Marty did not win, but we are OK with J.D. winning. I thought J.D. was the winner weeks ago. In fact, I am sure to buy the new album, DVD and get tickets to see them live when they get to Chicago.

But last night they announced they were doing this again and I said to my wife, I got it, Rockstar: Van Halen! Wouldn't that be cool! I started to think about it and they could even invite David Lee Roth to compete. I can see it now... "I'm sorry Dave you are not right for our band, Van come over here and give us a proper goodbye."