Saturday, January 14, 2006

How did I do on my Apple guesses?

Well, I was sick most of this week, so I didn't post my results right away. I did get to monitor some of the keynote on IRC Tuesday but was really out of it. I didn't actually watch the webcast until Wednesday. Here is how I did:

100% Correct

.Mac - Support for Podcasts and Blogs.

90% Correct

iLife '06 - I got most of this right. I am disappointed that FrontRow is not part of it, but I did get the iWeb right (including the fact that .Mac subscribers would get more out of it). I am looking forward to trying the Podcast support built into Garageband. I am going to try and get it today at the Apple Store at Woodfield. If they are out, I will order it on Amazon as they are offering it with a discount.

10% Correct

Macbook Pro - I got the wide screen right, but I was way off on the price. That is really disappointing.


Mac Mini - no new Intel based Mac Mini, just the same old iMac but with a Intel chip

iPod - no new iPod and only a new accessory.

Airport Express - nothing

Longshots = they were just that, maybe someday they will do something like this, but not now.

So, I really didn't do that well on the hardware but I almost was 100% on software. I will stick with those predictions in the future.