Sunday, January 08, 2006

What will Apple do on Tuesday?

What will Apple do on Tuesday?

Well, Microsoft, Google, etc. made it through CES and did their presentations, now it is Apple's turn. I am on the edge of my seat on this weeks announcments. I wish I could be there.

I thought now would be a good time for me to make my own predictions of what Steve Jobs may unveil this week.

DISCLAIMER: These are my guesses as I sit here reading all kinds of rumor Blogs and with no knowledge of what really will happen, so wagering...I just want to see if I am even close on one of these...

My Guesses:

iLife '06 - updated favorites, plus some new things, like a basic video production tool for podcasts, iTunes version 5 with ability to backup video, FrontRow for every system and iWeb included will setup your own Blog or Podcast space (for .Mac users)

iPod - new 4GB and 6GB nano, now with video. new 80GB or 100GB iPod with bigger screen for better video.

Airport Express - now supports video and/or TV hookup for use with FrontRow.

.Mac - now supports automated backup of ITMS audio and video files. Blog and Podcast support added.

Intel inside - Low price wide screen laptop price starting at $599 and the mac mini price starting at $399.

Long shot predictions:

New device, using Intel processor, that replaces your DVR (maybe a Tivo dual deal since they were quiet at CES) that also has a wireless feature to communicate to things like iTunes.

Windows XP - all systems will have the option to run Windows XP OS and software inside OS X without a dual boot needed.

I will post a recap of how I did on Tuesday.