Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More Apple announcements today...

Well, I posted predictions last month for Apple, so what will happen today?

I still think we will see what I thought we would see but didn't last time:

iPod - new 4GB and 6GB nano, now with video. new 80GB or 100GB iPod with bigger screen for better video. I think we could see something called the vPod.

Airport Express - now supports video and/or TV hookup for use with Front Row.

Intel inside - Low price wide screen laptop price starting at $599 and the mac mini price starting at $399.

Long shot predictions:

New device, using Intel processor, that replaces your DVR (maybe a Tivo dual deal since they were quiet at CES) that also has a wireless feature to communicate to things like iTunes.

Now I would also add the Apple will probably start selling full length movies on iTunes as well. I would also like to see Front Row available on all systems, including for my now old (7 months) Powerbook.

UPDATE: Moments away, checking out Engadget for news on what is happening...I forgot that there should be a special edition Red iPod for Aids awareness that Bono was supposed to announce sometime. I would imagine today is the day for that as well. Wonder if he will be there...

I will post later with the results...