Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Google Releases Spreadsheets Beta

I got into the Google Spreadsheets Beta today. So far it is really cool. Much like the Writely Beta. Both work great on a Mac as long as you are using Firefox.

The only concern I have so far, with both Spreadsheets and Writely, is your requirement to be on the Internet to access your data.

Over the weekend we had an almost complete Comcast shut down in our house. Ended up being a weak signal and some bad wiring (which Comcast fixed quickly). But over the weekend we were sans Internet. I had no way to get my data. Sure, I can save the data offline, but then I need to manage my space myself. Maybe Google will come up with a way that you can keep your data offline and have it sync. At least that's a suggestion I will be sending on to Google.

For now, if you are a PC user, I would check out the Microsoft Office Beta as well. I have been on it for a week at work and it is really great. I am still putting it through the paces of daily work, so I will post what I find in a later post.

BTW: What's next for Google? Google Presentations? I see an entire office suite being created...

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