Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In need of a digital reset

I was just reflecting on all of the digital real estate that I have neglected over the last year. It made me think, can I just hit the "reset" button and start over? Yes I can.

Since starting to use Twitter, Pownce, and Facebook I really haven't posted to this blog. Why? I really don't know. I guess I have been into posting things 140 characters at a time.

I have been busy collaborating on a great project called Cooking for the Culinary Impaired is on WCRN Radio in Boston, Ma. The show just moved to Saturday Mornings from 7 am to 8 am if you are in the area and want to participate live, call in. I just went through a third complete re-design of the website and included a shopping cart system using PayPal. We are contacting many different cooking supplies companies to get the best price and best quality for our listeners.

I have been Beta testing like crazy. (The bad part of some Beta tests are the NDA's. I really want to post about some things and can't.) Apple, Microsoft and Symantec (among others) have some great things coming to you very soon.

I have been keeping up with the eBay Voices program. It really is an honor to be involved with such a great company in this way.

I stopped posting about my Windows Home Server. I liked WHS, but I did not like that it setup your storage for you. But I can see it being a really great thing for non-tech users to have a centralized storage system that is extremely easy to use. I decided to go with Windows Server 2008, aka Longhorn, instead. I can control much more. So, I will put up a post of the final hardware setup and cost analysis very soon.

I have been using the Google Reader quite a bit and find tons of other great blog post all the time. So I will start a new Shared Items feed, so everyone can read some of the coolest posts I see. It is also a great archive of data, as Robert Scoble recently mentioned. (Maybe he got me thinking about all of this).

But the blog isn't the only thing that needs a reset. I took a hard look at and said to myself "What kind of low end site is this?" So, for now I am going to upload a site I did using iLife. It will at least have new pictures. It can and will be a better site in the future.

I also really miss doing the Monday Morning Commute podcast. In fact I found some old CD's of the shows and through them in my car. I cannot tell you how happy I was to listen to the old shows. But, the show took tons of pre- and post-production time. I got a Mac and that time decreased a ton. It was still too much to fit into a normal week. So, I will be re-evaluating this and see if I can get this going again because the end result was always a joy to listen to. I have some ideas and when I get close to a decision I will post it here.

So as I start pushing the "reset" button on all of these things. I hope all of you know that I appreciate you taking a look at what I had to say and I will do my best to keep you up to date on everything I can in the future.

Take Care, Michael B.