Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Leopard spotted at Deer Park store

Well I got in line last Friday at our new Deer Park, IL Apple store to pick up Leopard and found a Leopard in front of me in line.

Actually it was Thomas Van Housen the PC/Mac Guru. You can check out his site at: It was good to meet Tom. I have driven by his place many times and never actually met him.

Fun was had by all as you can tell from the pictures. The rain held off for the most part while we were in line. While I was there I also picked up iLife '08, so I will be updating my website very soon.

Here is a picture of me talking to Tom

Updating my 12" PowerBook G4 was a breeze. It took about 2 hours, but that was not a big concern. I also upgraded to iLife '08 during that time, so not bad.

The PowerBook seems to be running faster with the new update. I have also tested out all my common apps and found no issues. So, if you have an older PowerBook and are on the fence about updating, do it!

In my next post I will talk about upgrading my work MacBook with BootCamp beta on it. Please make sure to read it if you are going to update a Mac with BootCamp beta already loaded.