Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Updating Leopard and BootCamp Beware

So I updated my MacBook to Leopard and everything went well. Being my work system I have Windows XP loaded using BootCamp beta.

After I loaded Leopard I did a reboot and checked out Windows XP to make sure it was still running. I rebooted and went into Windows and it was working fine. I got busy working on some files and someone came in to checkout Leopard so I said OK let me boot into Leopard and show you.

Oops, big mistake. On boot I got the old Apple prohibitory sign.

Seems that if you boot into Windows XP using the Boot Camp beta after you updated to Leopard you must insert the Leopard DVD to update the drivers in Windows before you boot back to Leopard.

Since I did not, I did a clean install of everything. This was good because I did not have any critical files on this system. It also gave me a chance to partition the system a little different than I had done before.

Before you update you absolutely have to do these things:
After doing a clean install the MacBook is really fast. It is also nice to have a fresh partition for Windows giving me more equal space for both O/S's.