Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Windows 7 on the MacBook, testing continues...

♠So I have now been using Windows 7 on my 1st Gen MacBook for almost 1 month. People have asked for some details on the install, so I want to go over that first.

I had Windows XP SP3 loaded on my MacBook prior to getting the Windows 7 beta. To move to Windows 7 I could not just Upgrade Windows, I needed to start over. This gave me a chance to re-partition my Bootcamp (Windows) partition.

So I had to go into OSX and run the Bootcamp manager and remove the Windows partition. Once this was done I then created a new partition and started the installation of Windows 7 using the Bootcamp program. Doing this I had the choice to format using FAT or NTFS, and I went with NTFS. The installation of Windows 7 was smooth and fast.

Once Windows 7 was installed I needed to load the drivers for the MacBook. You do this by inserting the OSX Leopard CD in the computer while in Windows. This worked just like it did in Windows XP. It loaded all of the drivers for this hardware.

I have noticed a couple of things that I need to investigate further. One of them is the built-in Webcam. It is installed, but I am not seeing anything in Windows 7 that uses this. In Windows XP it was under My Computer, it is not under Computer in Windows 7.

So far for normal usage everything is working fine. I notice a much faster boot time and am now testing Anti-virus software and various hardware. Check back and I will write more soon.